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Baki András, the head official of the Hungarian Military Rowing & Kayaking Association (part of the David vs. Goliath Magyar Foundation) participated in the Hungarian Indoor Rowing Championships on the 25-26th of February, along with 19-other Hungarian Defense Forces from Györ and Budapest area in celebrating the 175th year anniversary of the Hungarian Defense Force.
Congratulations to all that participated and achieved personal best times on the ergometer

For more info and photos:

Baki András 2023.02.26
Baki András 2023.02.26

Nemzeti Velencei Tó Championships

The Nemzeti Velencei Tó Championship took place on 10.07.2022. The venue was at lake Velencei in Hungary, and the organizer was the Hungarian Rowing Association. Our organization was at the race, and we are proud to present our team captain, András Baki, who won silver medal in the master's single's category. The founder of our organization - Várszegi Pál István - was also among the athletes.

Check out our short gallery on the event!

The video is here to watch! See the sum up of the successful 2022 Military World Rowing & Kayaking Federation championships held in
Budapest, Hungary on May, 20-22

This event was open by invitation only for active duty military and Veterans who are members of the US Veterans 'Rowing & Kayaking Association, Hungarian Military Rowing & Kayaking Association, Polish Veterans' Rowing & Kayaking Association or the associations of other invited nations.

Military athletes must have been competitive in indoor rowing in the 1-minute, 4-minute and 2000-meter sprints. 

They must also be competitive in racing with a minimum of 1000-meters on a river both upstream and downstream.

This was an all expense paid trip co-hosted by the US Veterans 'Rowing & Kayaking Foundation, the Polish Veterans' Rowing & Kayaking Association and the Military World Rowing & Kayaking Federation.

Championship (try-out) 11.12.2021. - Győr, Hungary
Check the photos and the video taken on the race!

Military World Rowing & Kayaking Federation championship try-out race results  

Women - open category


  1. Mester Edit szkv.

  2. Deák Anna htj.

  3. Fekete Anna htj.


  • 500 meters

  • 1.000 meters

  • 2.000 meters

Men - open category


  1. Koleszár Mátyás őrm.

  2. Noé Bálint tőrm.

  3. Kövér Márton hdgy.

  4. Krizsán Szabolcs zls szds.

  5. Klárik Bence hdgy.

  6. Takács Bence htj.

  7. Balaska Márk őrm.

  8. Szabó Balázs hdgy.

  9. Nagy Kristóf Máté htj.

  10. Garai Levente fhdgy.

  11. Tomaschof Soma őrm.

  12. Tudlik Zoltán kk.

  13. Portik-Lukács Rajmund htj.

  14. Vámosi Dávid őrm.

  15. Molnár Márkó htj.

  16. Vámosi Ádám őrm.


  • 500 meters

  • 1.000 meters

  • 2.000 meters

Women - 35+ age category


  1. Tanyi Orsolya őrgy.

  2. Szabó Szilvia szds.

  3. Arany Katalin őrm.


  • 500 meters

  • 1.000 meters

  • 2.000 meters

Men - 45+ age category


  1. Szalai Péter ftőrm.

  2. Baki András zls.

  3. Ujváry Gábor zls.

  4. Balog György zls.

  5. Bozsóki Attila Alz.


  • 500 meters

  • 1.000 meters

  • 2.000 meters

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